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We are a non-profit organization utilizing the power of performance art + storytelling to challenge inequality and transform societal norms that limit the status, rights, and independence of women.

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Our mission is to build a gender-equitable world using the power of transformational performance art, digital media and open dialogue.

OUR vision

We envision a world where all citizens

are informed, safe, equally valued, and contribute meaningfully to nation-building regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or socio-economic status.

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A call for female solidarity and empowerment

The Boston Globe

‘The brightness radiating from its all-female cast has the glare and heat of a raging bonfire’

The New York Times

‘I kept getting full body flushes and goosebumps (...) I’ve seen a lot of theatre in my days and I’ve never had that kind of reaction.’

Front Row Center

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